Today’s roofing systems provide a wide range of options and materials to fit today’s capital budget and the future plans for the property. NPC’s catalog of major manufacturer offerings gives our customers a wider view of the current materials and value trade-offs for each.

These systems require specific technical knowledge to construct a roof with long-term performance, and meets the manufacturer’s requirements for granting their warranties. Installation craftsmanship is critical to getting maximum asset life from your roof system.

Safety is paramount for the contractor and customer. Safe operations require OSHA regulation compliance and a site-specific operational plan that makes plans for all contingencies on the project.

NPC’s Roof360 program (see below) gives our customers added resources to get the project done right, and is included in every roofing project we perform.


If the current roof is still viable but approaching failure, it could be a candidate for restoration using elastomeric coatings. Acrylic and silicone restoration systems can deliver long-term material warranties and are cost-effective, as well as energy efficient as reflective ‘cool roofs’. Long-term performance of polymer coatings is dependent on quality surface preparation, waterproofing penetrations and edge flashings, and properly applying the material. If the building already has two roofs on it, most local codes allow coatings or require full tear-offs, but not a third roof.


Instead of expensive replacements, many original roofs can be covered with single-ply membranes. TPO and PVC are the most popular options and they are typically highly reflective to save on heating and cooling costs. A significant advantage to these systems is the ability to add insulating cover board to create a greater R-value and energy efficiency. Construction quality control on a re-cover project is necessary for the system to perform to expectations.


If a restoration or re-cover is not suitable, another option is a complete tear-off of the existing roof to the deck and installing a new system. A wide number of options are available when building a new roof system, including more conventional options like modified bitumen and built-up (gravel) roofs.


NPC works with General Contractors to install roofs on new buildings according to architectural designs and plans.